NRMP / Aquaculture

QCRS  implement a program for monitoring of residues of veterinary medical products and environmental contaminants in fishery products from aquaculture. The program is developed per requirement of the EU market and it is mandatory for all  establishments that intend to export products from aquaculture to EU Approved Processing Factories (Download) including  their suppliers of fish raw materials.

The Program is annual from (April-March) and every year the number of samples, sampling points and test parameters are decided based on the amount of production in the participating farms and the regulation on allowed and prohibited veterinary medicines.

The objective of the program is to :

  • Detect the illegal use of prohibited veterinary medicines;
  • Detect the illegal or wrong use of allowed veterinary medicines;
  • Collect data in support of management towards responsible management of veterinary medicines in animals intended for food.

The program is based on annually plans for sampling and testing considering:

  • Risks related with potential illegal substances on the market
  • Risk related with potential wrong use of legal substances
  • Risks related with specific potential environmental contamination in related areas (run off from farming areas, mining, etc.)
  • The amount of production in the included farms (1 sample per 100 tons production).
  • The necessary laboratory test capacity and capability
  • The results of previous year sampling and testing
  • Any specific market requirements to the program, specifically the EU Directive 96/23/EC
  • Myanmar legislation on authorization, distribution and use of veterinary medicines in products of aquatic animal origin
  • Myanmar legislation on prohibited and allowed pesticides

QCRS make Annual Plan and Annual Reports on the implementing of the program and communicate the results to  export markets as required. Download:


  • Department of Fisheries Directive 2/2014 as amended by Department of Fisheries Directive 2/2017 on chemicals/drugs allowed or prohibited for use in aquaculture:Download DOF Directives
  • DG Sante Guideline: Imports of animals and food of animal origin from non-EU countries: Provisions of guarantees equivalent to EU requirements on residues of veterinary medicines, pesticides and contaminants:
  • Download DOF Directive 8/2018
  • EU Directive 96/23/EC :