Mission & Vision

The  Inspection and Quality Control Section (QCRS) of the Research and Development Division of Fisheries (DOF), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is the National Competent Authority (hereafter called the QCRS), designated to verify that fish and fishery products aimed for export from Myanmar complies with relevant food safety regulatory requirements in Myanmar and in the relevant export markets. These verification activities are hereafter called official controls.

QCRS shall facilitate market access for Myanmar fish and fishery products to the international market place, specifically ensure that all operators are well informed about relevant requirements and plan and conduct the necessary official controls in a timely, transparent and cost effective manner.

The official controls of fishery products from Myanmar shall be designed, implemented and maintained with the primary goal to protect consumers. In the event of a conflict with other interests, precedence should be given to protecting the health of consumers.

QCRS commit to continuous monitoring and improvement of their own performance, specifically to keep the organisation and individuals updated for compliance with the relevant regional and international requirements and guidelines, to which Myanmar are committed  through the WTO/SPS agreement, agreements within the ASEAN Community and specific market requirements, e.g. the EU market.

QCRS Management commit to ensure access to the necessary resources and to the planning and conducting of official controls of food safety of fishery products in a way, which can be considered impartial and reliable by all parts in Myanmar as well as on the overseas markets.

QCRS Management commit to ensure transparency in policies and principles for planning and conducting of official controls of fishery products for export; including in particular establishing and updating of the QCRS website with information about legislation, guidelines, assessment criteria, specific market listings etc., with the goal to facilitate communication with Myanmar business operators and competent authorities of export markets, without compromising confidentiality.

QCRS Management commit to ensure implementing of the policy and procedures for the operation of the Inspection and Certification Unit, as documented in this Manual, specifically to review the manual and the practices against each other at regular intervals, and to update as deemed necessary.

QCRS Management commit to ensure coordination of the objectives and activities between the accredited Department of Fisheries Analytical Laboratory (covering laboratory analysis only) and the Inspection and Certification Unit.

QCRS Management commit to define and work towards achieving measurable goals and objectives for the performance and continued improvement of the system of official control. The goals and objectives will be re-visited at least in context of the annual Management Review.